Pool Remodel

Pool Remodeling

Pool Remodeling

There are some companies that build the same pool for everybody.  Catalina Pools swims against the crowd in that respect. We take every customer’s wants and needs into consideration to create a truly unique pool — a pool specifically designed to fit your family and home perfectly.


The pool remodeling process evolves differently for every client.  We believe in the value of customer service and that we are providing an experience as much as we are providing a new or remodeled pool.  Scroll below to learn more about what the pool remodeling process look like.

Phase 1: Preparation

Get your house and yard ready for the big day.

While waiting on the arrival of your Catalina Pools team, what can you do to prepare and secure your pool area? Locate your breakers to pool equipment and lights and turn them off. Move planters, patio furniture and any clutter out of the way. (Don't forget the kids toys and Fido's ball!) Finally, close your windows to reduce any dust and noise, and try to keep pets inside. Taking care of the previous suggestions will make sure things are ready to go. Let the fun begin!

Phase 2: Demolition Phase

Your old pool will be drained and existing surfaces will be prepared before resurfacing and construction begin. Your Catalina Pools team will drain the pool (if you haven't already) in your sewer drain. Note that if there is no sewer drain available, you will responsible for the disposal of the water. To avoid burning out bulbs and possibly even breaking a lens, remember to NOT turn on your pool lights after its been drained. After draining the pool, your team will prepare the interior surface for successful bonding by chipping (using power tools) or bond coating the old surface.

Phase 3: Plumbing Phase

(Outside of the pool)

After the demolition is complete, new plumbing and a modern energy efficient system can be installed. Some jobs require that we install the new equipment after the decking or plaster is applied. Again, every pool and process is tailored to our individual customer and their custom pool design.

Phase 4: Construction Phase

Lasts 1-2 weeks

After the demolition phase but before decking is addressed, your new coping and tiles are placed by our experts. There are many beautiful and useful types of swimming pool and spa coping to choose from. Catalina Pools offers a wide range of coping options including beautiful travertine, quartzite, precast concrete, safety grip brick, bullnose grip, standard safety grip and so many more. Don't forget about all the options we offer to renovate the outside of your pool too! Instead of walking into your old backyard, imagine stepping into your own personal getaway and paradise. No need to book a far away vacation when your personalized oasis is just steps away! Are you into entertaining? We can custom design the space around your pool and yard with appointed outdoor kitchens, fireplaces that make a statement, cozy firepits and eye-catching water features. We truly enjoy treating our customers to new outdoor elements and seeing how much it adds to their enjoyment of their backyard. Decking renovation is done after the coping and tile replacement. Old pool decking can be replaced with pavers, in an elegant and complementary style and color. Your newly renovated swimming pool can be resurfaced utilizing modern materials that are not only beautiful and colorful, but also longer lasting.

Phase 5: Turning Your Backyard Over to Your Care

It's all yours...

When the renovation is complete, and the pool is filled, Catalina Pools performs the start-up process which slowly introduces and balances your new chemistry. Your Catalina Pools team will clean up and bid you farewell. Throw in the pool floats and enjoy your pool!

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